Trump Files Class Action Lawsuits Targeting Facebook, Google, and Twitter Over ‘Censorship’ of Conservatives

Cat Zakrzewski and Rachel Lerman, reporting for The Washington Post:

Former president Donald Trump on Wednesday filed class-action lawsuits targeting Facebook, Google and Twitter and their CEOs, escalating his long-running battle with the companies following their suspensions of his accounts. […]

The suits allege that the companies violated Trump’s First Amendment rights in suspending his accounts and argues that Facebook, in particular, no longer should be considered a private company but “a state actor” whose actions are constrained by First Amendment restrictions on government limitations on free speech. Traditionally, the First Amendment is thought to constrain only government actions, not those of private companies.

They should respond with Randall Munroe’s classic XKCD comic on “free speech”. That’s it, that’s their entire legal response.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021