The Information: Apple in Early Talks With NFL for ‘Sunday Ticket’ Streaming Rights

Sahil Patel, reporting for The Information:

The iPhone maker is one of a number of companies, including TV networks and other tech firms, that have had discussions with NFL executives lately about the package of games, including at this week’s Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley for tech and media executives. The rights cover a package known as Sunday Ticket, which now airs on DirecTV. They are separate from a slew of licensing deals recently completed between the NFL, most major broadcast TV networks and Amazon. ESPN’s parent Disney is among those likely to be interested in Sunday Ticket.

Sunday Ticket is no small thing. It’s not like the deal Amazon has had for a few years where they have the streaming rights for a small handful of Thursday night games. Sunday Ticket packages include all games — it’s a super premium tier for big fans and sports bars that want to show every game.

I feel like TV+ is following an interesting trajectory: slowly and steadily building into a unique premium TV service. Some sort of major foray into live sports seems like a good next step.

Friday, 9 July 2021