2021 Emmy Nominations

The New York Times:

Netflix’s The Crown and the Disney+ Star Wars drama The Mandalorian led the way with 24 nominations each. HBO led all the networks with 130 nominations.

Apple TV+ did well, too, with 34 total nominations, led, no surprise, by the delightful Ted Lasso. Maybe Apple TV+ isn’t the new HBO but just a new HBO. Just a lot of good stuff from these premium platforms last year. We loved HBO’s Mare of Easttown, which was justly rewarded with numerous nominations. I still think the HBO Max branding is off — just call the damn thing “HBO” — but HBO is holding its own in its decade-old race to become Netflix before Netflix can become HBO. They’re both in good shape.

What’s shocking now isn’t that premium streaming services do well with Emmy nominations, but that traditional network scripted shows — comedy and drama — are nearly shut out. All the best shows now are on the new streaming platforms.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021