Breathable 1.0

New app from Garrett Murray (who should be familiar to long-time readers):

Air quality has become an increasing concern for many people around the globe. While stressing about it constantly isn’t necessarily helpful, the goal of the Breathable widget is to provide a quick, glanceable answer to a new daily question: Is it safe to go outside?

Breathable can use AQI data from two services: and, optionally, (in the USA). Both of these services offer free accounts and API access for personal use. Breathable uses the United States Air Quality Index for all values world-wide.

The entire point of Breathable is to offer widgets — the app itself just lets you configure how the widgets look. Brilliantly simple, and in a way, fun, with its clever “emoji scale”. I started using it last week after Murray pinged me about it, but only because I was interested in the idea of a widget-only weather app — Philadelphia generally doesn’t have air quality issues. I should have known better. Turns out, the whole world now has air quality issues.

Breathable costs just $2, and Murray is donating a portion of the proceeds to foundations focused on climate change initiatives.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021