Sarah Miller: ‘All the Right Words on Climate Have Already Been Said’

Sarah Miller, who wrote a widely-read feature story two years ago on the real estate market in Miami in the face of rising ocean levels (linked from DF here), on declining an offer to write about climate change again:

Let’s give the article she was starting to maybe think about asking me to write that I was wondering if I could write the absolute biggest benefit of the doubt and imagine that people read it and said, “Wow this is exactly how I feel, thanks for putting it into words.” What then? What would happen then? Would people be “more aware” about climate change? It’s 109 degrees in Portland right now. It’s been over 130 degrees in Baghdad several times. What kind of awareness quotient are we looking for? What more about climate change does anyone need to know? What else is there to say?

(Via Kottke.)

Thursday, 22 July 2021