Glass is a new photo sharing app/community:

We want you to adore Glass, not become addicted to it. We’ve created a distraction-free app focused on one thing — your photos. […] All the social network features you’d expect with none of the dark patterns driving engagement. Build relationships with and learn from other photographers while enjoying a chronological feed and no public counts. […]

Glass is subscription-based, which means we won’t sell your data or pollute your feed with ads. We don’t answer to outside investors or advertisers, just members of our community.

$4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly $29.99 yearly (at launch) keeps Glass rolling.

Is it just like OG Instagram? No. Glass is doing its own thing in a bunch of subtle ways. But it’s certainly a lot more like Instagram circa 2010 than Instagram is today. In spirit, it feels a lot like the early days of Flickr. I’ve been beta testing Glass for a few months and it’s an absolutely lovely, exquisitely-designed app. It’s downright serene scrolling through my Glass timeline, something that I haven’t been able to say about Instagram in many years.

Currently iOS only — in fact, I believe the only way to sign in is through Sign In With Apple. There’s a wait list to get in now that they’re out of beta; if Glass intrigues you, I encourage you to sign up now.

Friday, 13 August 2021