The Microsoft Event Had In-Person Hands-On Time With Products

Carolina Milanesi, on Twitter:

I had the opportunity to see the new @surface devices live … and I am so glad I did.

Holding #SurfaceDuo in my hand, seeing the clever case that secures the #SurfacePen that looks like a finish rather than a case not adding any thickness, the fluidity of the screen and the clever gaming controls…. Very much looking forward to giving it a spin!

Amen to this enthusiasm for seeing the product introduction live. I get it why Apple did not hold an in-person press event last week — iPhone events are huge, and while I think small events can safely be held in person now, there’s no practical way to shrink the iPhone event.

I miss having hands-on time with new devices as soon as keynotes end. You pick up on things immediately: that something is heavier or lighter than you expected. That certain colors or finishes look different. Remember the Jet Black iPhone 7? You had to see it in person to understand how it looked. And I miss in-person briefings, both official ones and unofficial. In-person communication simply cannot be beaten for conveying subtlety.

Product reviews are hampered too. With in-person Apple events, most reviewers get kit in the hours after the keynote ends. With virtual Apple events, the kit ships for delivery the next day. An extra day makes a big difference when the review embargo drops just one week after the event.

Thursday, 23 September 2021