Daring Fireball Weekly Sponsorships for Q4

Sponsorships have been selling briskly this year, but I’ve only just now opened spots for the October-December quarter. Plus, a last-minute change has opened up next week’s spot, starting this coming Monday.

One sponsor per week, with a sponsor-written entry in the RSS feed to start the week, a thank-you post right on the homepage from me at the end, and the one and only graphic ad on every page of the site all week long. No tracking or other privacy-invasive bullshit. Just plain honest ads. That’s not new — that’s the way the ads on DF have always been. My best argument that they work: the number of repeat companies in the sponsor archive list.

So if you’ve got a product or service you’d like to promote to DF’s discerning audience, I’d love to have you as a sponsor. And if you’re ready to grab next week’s opening, let’s go — should be another good week.

Friday, 24 September 2021