Ferrari Hires LoveFrom, Jony Ive’s Oddly-Named Design Firm

Katie Deighton, reporting for The Wall Street Journal:

Ferrari NV hired Apple Inc.’s former design chief Jony Ive as it readies its debut into full electric vehicles.

Mr. Ive’s design company LoveFrom Inc., which he formed in 2019 alongside industrial designer Marc Newson, will work with Ferrari and its largest shareholder, Netherlands-based Exor NV on a number of projects, the companies said Monday. […]

Ferrari declined to reveal the specifics of the collaboration, but said it sees potential in working with LoveFrom across the whole range of its business. Alongside its legacy production of its engine-powered cars, the company sells clothes, watches and other apparel.

If they wind up shipping a car through this collaboration, it might not cost that much more than the scrapped first draft Apple Car under Ive, which I’ve heard — admittedly like fourth-hand — would have started at $150,000. (Which is one of many reasons the project was rebooted.)

Cabel Sasser (click through for photos):

(Actually, Marc Newson’s Ford 021C concept was my dream car right around 2000. It’s the perfect encapsulation of the style of that time, a Deee-Lite/CD-ROM/Dreamcast/iMac/Virgin Megastore car. I still want one today!!! But the Fun Design Train now only stops at Luxury Station ☹️)

Newson’s concept car was indeed delightful — real-world car-from-Pixar’s Cars vibe to it.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021