A Brief Chat With Fired ‘#AppleToo’ Organizer, That Is So Brief That It Doesn’t Ask the One Question Begging to Be Asked

Zoe Schiffer, writing for The Verge:

On October 14th, Apple fired a leader of the #AppleToo movement for allegedly failing to comply with an internal investigation. The employee, Janneke Parrish, has been working behind the scenes for months to organize fellow employees who’ve faced harassment and discrimination. […]

Q: What’s your view on why you were fired?

I believe I was fired in retaliation for speaking out, for my work with #AppleToo, and out of concern that I was organizing to help other employees tell their stories. In my view, this is entirely retaliation for trying to bring Apple’s actions to light and publicly asking the company to do better.

Unasked in the interview: whether Parrish actually leaked confidential company information. That seems pertinent when the stated reason for her firing was suspicion of leaking confidential company information.

Saturday, 16 October 2021