FastScripts 3

Daniel Jalkut, writing at the Red Sweater blog:

This update is the culmination of years of work on various aspects of the app, many of which are not “headline” level changes. Little things, like the ability of the app to detect when you attempt to assign a shortcut that is already being used for another script, to improvements to the appearance of the app’s built in “display message” panels, to the long-awaited support for symbolic links in the script folder, will perpetually surprise and delight you!

All sorts of cool new stuff in this update, including new (and much improved) icons, parallel script execution, and more. One of my favorite small features in FastScripts is the above-mentioned “display message” command. It’s a nicer way to briefly show a message on screen than Notification Center. Anyone who uses scripting on their Mac should be using FastScripts. Hall of Fame Mac utility.

Friday, 12 November 2021