Wifi Dabba

My thanks to Wifi Dabba for sponsoring last week at Daring Fireball. Wifi Dabba remains unique in the annals of DF sponsors — they’re looking for investors in the DF audience, not customers.

Wifi Dabba is deploying 100,000 public wifi hotspots at neighborhood tea stalls across Bangalore city. They’re creating a low cost connectivity layer powered by lasers for a billion underserved Indians. A billion people!

2,000 Wifi Dabba hotspots are live across the city in homes, offices and retail stores. They form a public wi-fi mesh network that delivers super fast, super cheap internet to data hungry users. The average user on their network is 20 years old and consumes 3 GB of data each day.

They’ve tokenized their network to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to buy a hotspot for $100 and mint tokens when data is sold. Apply the code “DARINGFIREBALL” at checkout and get 2× the number of hotspots you pay for. This offer is exclusive for the DF audience.

Monday, 13 December 2021