Wallpaper Goes Behind the Scenes With Apple’s Design Team at Apple Park

The cover feature of the latest issue of Wallpaper is truly extraordinary. The story by Jonathan Bell is good, but the photographs of the design team’s studio space are unprecedented. We’ve never seen this space. All sorts of details are revealed — including their model- and prototype-making.

There’s an overhead shot of a large table where a dozen members of the team are discussing Apple Watch. Out of 12 people at the table, all but one of them have their iPhones on the table, face-down (perhaps for privacy, aware they were being photographed). Of the 11 visible iPhones, 10 are iPhones 13 Pro, and one is an iPhone 13 (perhaps a Mini). Four iPhones are in a case; seven are un-cased. Seven of them have Apple’s MagSafe wallet attached. “Golden Brown” appears to be the most popular color for cases and wallets.

Seven people have paper notebooks in front of them, and three have iPads (including one Magic Keyboard). I just love gleaning details like this about how people work, and the tools they use.

Tuesday, 14 December 2021