New ‘Unity Lights’ Face for Apple Watch

Apple Newsroom:

The band is complemented by the Unity Lights watch face, which is designed using 2D ray tracing, a technology never before implemented for a watch face. Each pixel on the screen simulates the light and shadow falling across it and the movement of the clock hands simultaneously reveal and hide the light, changing dynamically throughout the day. The Unity Lights watch face can be customized to be a full screen or circular dial, and includes a black and white option, tick marks, and up to four complications. iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can also show their support for Black History Month by downloading Afrofuturism-inspired wallpapers available at

Very cool watch face.

The wallpapers seem a little hidden to me: go to Apple’s main Watch page, and click the “Find out more” button. That reveals a popover with links to download the wallpaper images.

Thursday, 27 January 2022