Fast Company on Flexibits and Fantastical 3.6

Speaking of Fantastical 3.6, Jared Newman wrote a nice piece for Fast Company on what’s new, and more broadly, what makes Flexibits special:

Ask Michael Simmons what distinguishes Fantastical from myriad other calendar apps and scheduling services, and he’ll give you a nonspecific answer: It’s just better.

Sure, he may point to a few particular features, like how it offers a native Mac app that feels at home on Apple’s operating system, or how its new scheduling tool doesn’t require bouncing over to a separate service such as Calendly. But the larger point is that Fantastical excels at the little details that aren’t so easy to quantify.

“A lot of people, they just wouldn’t get it,” Simmons says of those who question what makes Fantastical stand out. “It’s really that simple: We make a great user experience.”

It’s really that simple. Fantastical is that rare indie app that feels best-of-breed on all three platforms: Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Tuesday, 15 February 2022