Samsung Caught Excepting Benchmark Apps From Performance Throttling (Again)

Hadlee Simons, writing for Android Authority:

Twitter user GaryeonHan and Korean netizens have posted a list of 10,000 apps (accessible here) that are apparently subjected to “performance limits” as part of Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service (GOS). The company’s Korean Community forum is also inundated with pages and pages of complaints from users as a result.

The purported list isn’t limited to games, as we see prominent apps like Instagram, Microsoft’s Office apps, Netflix, Google Keep, and TikTok here. Even Samsung’s own apps and services are listed here, such as Secure Folder, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, and the dialer.

It’s no surprise to hear that benchmark apps like 3DMark, Antutu, PCMark, GFXBench, and GeekBench 5 aren’t listed here. This suggests that Samsung isn’t subjecting benchmark apps to throttling. A Korean YouTuber went so far as to change the 3DMark package name to reflect Genshin Impact (which does appear on the list) and ran the benchmark. The renamed package achieved a drastically lower benchmark score and average frame rate.

Crooked as a three-dollar bill.

Thursday, 3 March 2022