Most Apple Employees Will Begin Returning to Offices on April 11

Tim Cook, in a company-wide email to employees:

While many of you have been coming in regularly for quite some time, we are now looking forward to welcoming those of you who shifted to working remotely back to our corporate offices. In the United States, beginning on April 11, we’ll begin the phased approach to the hybrid pilot, with teams returning to the office initially one day a week, and then, beginning in the third week, two days a week. This transitional period will now be extended from four to six weeks.

We will then begin the hybrid pilot in full on May 23, with people coming to the office three days a week — on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday — and working flexibly on Wednesday and Friday if you wish.

Cities across the nation (and world) are dropping mask mandates, including here in Philly. Went shopping without a mask indoors yesterday for the first time since last summer. Feels both weird and very good.

Friday, 4 March 2022