9to5Mac: ‘Mac Studio’ – New Desktop Mac, Between Mac Mini and Mac Pro

Filipe Espósito, reporting for 9to5Mac:

Based on information seen by 9to5Mac, the new Mac Studio is primarily based on the Mac mini, but with much more powerful hardware. Apple has two versions of Mac Studio under development. One features the M1 Max chip (the same as the 2021 MacBook Pro) and the other a variant of the Apple Silicon chip that is even more powerful than the current M1 Max.

According to our sources, the new Mac Studio is known internally by the codename “J375”.

Although the name “Mac Studio” may change, it represents a new category between Mac mini and Mac Pro aimed at professional users. The brand also matches the “Apple Studio Display” that the company has been working on, which suggests that Apple will widely advertise both products as a perfect combo for professional work.

I don’t understand the “primarily based on the Mac Mini” part if it uses the M1 Max and an as-yet-unannounced chip even more powerful than the M1 Max, but this “Mac Studio” pretty much sounds like the mythical “xMac” many Mac nerds have been clamoring for — for almost 20 years. Stranger things have happened — “Wouldn’t it be cool if Apple made a stripped-down version of the Mac’s OS that could run on a handheld?” used to be just a spitball idea, too.

As linked in the blockquote above, Espósito also reported today on an “Apple Studio Display” with 7K resolution. He has no idea how big the display is, or whether it’s a replacement for the Pro Display XDR or a new lower-priced display. But if the names are right it sure sounds like a new prosumer-priced display.

Friday, 4 March 2022