Display Analyst Ross Young: 27-Inch ‘Studio Display Pro’ With Mini-LED and ProMotion Could Launch in June

Sami Fathi, writing for MacRumors:

Apple plans to launch a “Pro” version of its new Studio Display in June of this year that measures 27-inches and has mini-LED and ProMotion, according to well-respected display analyst Ross Young.

In a tweet, Young says he’s still expecting Apple to release a 27-inch mini-LED display in June and has confirmed such plans with sources within Apple’s supply chain. Young had previously said that an iMac Pro would launch as early as summer 2022 but no longer believes that to be the case.

This isn’t a crazy idea — it’s rather conspicuous that the new Studio Display doesn’t support ProMotion, even though that’s been a big selling point for Apple across its lineup of “Pro” products. And mini-LED would offer some brightness advantages, too. But the timing sounds a little weird. Surely there are a lot of people who have been waiting for a standalone Apple display that costs less than the Pro Display XDR, and a lot of them have already ordered the new Studio Display. Maybe they’d have waited if they knew a Studio Display Pro was also imminent?

Shipping products is hard, I’m always reminded.

Thursday, 10 March 2022