Percent of Time in New iPhone Presentations That Apple Spent Talking About the Camera

Josh Lee on Twitter:

don’t think i ever shared this

over the years, % of time in a new iphone presentation apple spent talking about the camera

I knew it was true that the camera has steadily become more of an area of focus for Apple. You can see this just by looking at how big the camera modules have gotten over the years. The first two iPhone models didn’t even shoot video. Today, the “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign might now be the longest-running ad campaign Apple has ever run. Apple spends a lot of engineering and design effort on the iPhone cameras (and Camera app), and they spend a lot of marketing effort telling people about it.

And I knew it was true that Apple didn’t talk much about the camera in the early years. But seeing these numbers is rather striking. Lee posted a follow-up tweet showing the entire presentation time for the iPhone 3G camera in 2008: three seconds!

Friday, 11 March 2022