Logger for Shortcuts

Alex Hay, developer of the excellent Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts, has a new tool for Shortcuts developers:

Logger is a new app that makes developing complex shortcuts a breeze. Log text or images to the console and see them appear in realtime, as your shortcut runs. [...]

JSON is formatted for easy reading and the console can be exported to plain text or Markdown. All your messages are synced securely between your devices using iCloud.

There’s an old joke that the best way to debug a program or script is by using a bunch of print() statements that log what’s going on. I’ve personally found it very frustrating while trying to create even relatively simple workflows in Shortcuts that there’s no equivalent — and that frustration has largely kept me from even trying to create more complex workflows. Logger seems like it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

$10 unlocks the app for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS.

Friday, 11 March 2022