MKBHD: The Green iPhones 13 in 59 Seconds

Two more videos: iJustine and Rene Ritchie.

Apple provided me with review units of both of these phones, and, well, I agree the consensus from the above three — they’re both nice greens. They’re also way more green green than the “midnight green” iPhone 11 Pro. My wife commented that she prefers the iPhone 13 Pro’s “alpine green” to the 11 Pro’s midnight green specifically because midnight green was so muted — it looked green in some lighting from some angles, but more like dark gray in others. I will add that I don’t think the iPhone 13 Pro’s alpine green is a different shade or tint of green than the iPhone 13’s no-adjective green — the difference is simply the Pro’s matte finish, which is desaturating. I feel more confident than ever that the next round of non-Pro MacBooks are going to come in an array of fun colors.

Also: one more knock against the argument that Apple has something against the color green.

Sunday, 13 March 2022