Three Updates Regarding the Studio Display

Three quick notes on the Studio Display:

  1. An hour or so ago I posted an update to my Studio Display review worth flagging here in a post of its own. After the paragraph where I wrote that I wasn’t going to hold my breath for a software update that actually makes the image quality from the Studio Display camera good, the update reads:

    Maybe I should hold my breath. Multiple little birdies familiar with the Studio Display, each birdie independent of the others, tell me that the image quality problems really are a software problem, not hardware — a bug introduced at the last minute — and a future software update might not merely somewhat improve image quality, but raise it to a level commensurate with the iPad models equipped with the same camera (the new Air and last year’s Pros), modulo the differences between the M1 and A13 ISPs. That would be excellent news, if true. But someone at Apple is having a very bad day today, if true.

    Here’s hoping.

  2. Speaking of software updates for the Studio Display, you can check the “display firmware version” in System Information, under “Graphics/Displays”. There, you can see that not only does the Studio Display run iOS, it literally runs iOS 15.4: “Version 15.4 (Build 19E241)”. That’s iOS 15.4 right down to the build number — 19E241 is the same build number as iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4.

    Screenshot from System Information showing that the display firmware version number of the Studio Display is “Version 15.4 (Build 19E241”.

    I shouldn’t be surprised by this but I am. But this means that if the camera image quality issues can be remedied/improved via a software update, we’re not waiting for a bug fix release for MacOS 12, but for iOS 15. Or both? I’m curious to see how software updates for the Studio Display work.

  3. I should have mentioned this in the review itself but forgot to: “Apple Studio Display” is a great name.

Thursday, 17 March 2022