What’s New in Shortcuts in iOS 15.4 and MacOS 12.3

Apple support document:

  • Double-clicking on an item in “Choose From List” now chooses the item and continues running on macOS

  • Text entry dialogs can now be dismissed with the ⌘+return keyboard shortcut on macOS

These two have been high atop my list of “Have the people making Shortcuts for Mac ever used a Mac?” questions. Glad to see them fixed in a mid-cycle update.

  • “Get Current Web Page from Safari” now supports retrieving details like name, page contents, and selection on macOS

That’s a big one for a lot of typical automation needs — while you’re doing something in some other app, it’s convenient to get the details of the frontmost Safari tab without having to actually switch back to Safari manually. Truly excited to see how much better Shortcuts will get this year at WWDC.

Saturday, 19 March 2022