My thanks to MacStadium for sponsoring last week at DF. MacStadium is the premiere provider of cloud-hosted Macs. You’re probably already familiar with them — they’re a longtime sponsor here, for one thing — but they’ve got a lot of new stuff:

  • M1 Macs — Move from Intel to Apple silicon with MacStadium. They have a full selection of M1s in the US and Europe.

  • Orka — Virtualize MacOS on M1, Intel, or in a mixed cluster with Orka 2.0.

  • Mac Remote Desktops — Provide remote workers access to MacOS on cloud-hosted Macs.

There are so many potential uses for MacStadium but a big one is app development — MacStadium lets your team build, test, and deploy from the cloud. Gain efficiency by cloning VMs instead of manually re-imaging individual Macs.

Learn more and keep up with what’s new at

Sunday, 20 March 2022