Axios: ‘Vulnerable Democrats Eye G.O.P. Transit Mask Repeal’


The chair of the House Democrats’ campaign arm and some of the vulnerable members he’s charged with re-electing are voicing support for a Republican-led mask mandate repeal bill.

Why it matters: This would set up a potential showdown with the White House, which recently issued a one-month extension on the federal mask mandate for public transit and airplanes.

Mask mandates are political death at this point in state-wide races. An overwhelming majority of voters are opposed to continuing them. The new normal should be “Wear a mask to protect yourself if you want to.” Democrats need to repeal these mandates now so that they’re ancient history come November.

Double-down on vaccines. Vaccines are the solution to COVID-19, and Democrats can own them as a political issue. Take mask mandates off the table and just make it all about vaccinations, which really work and really help.

Tuesday, 22 March 2022