The Verge: ‘Nothing’s First Smartphone Is Aimed at Apple, Not OnePlus’

Jon Porter, writing for The Verge:

Today, Nothing is releasing a series of images of Nothing OS, the Android skin it plans to ship on the Phone 1. The images don’t reveal much about what the software might be able to do, but Pei is keen to emphasize its look, which very consciously lines up with the rest of Nothing’s branding. The interface is a sea of black, white, and red that leans heavily on the dotted font that Nothing uses for its logo.

Pei’s also very into the sound of the phone, an area he thinks is often overlooked. “Our sound design is really cool,” he says, “so definitely check that out.”

I don’t know how broad the appeal is, but I dig the retro dot matrix aesthetic. But Samsung has got to be wondering about that headline.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022