Audio Hijack 4

Rogue Amoeba:

With an all-new JavaScript engine and API, building programmatically-driven workflows in Audio Hijack is now a reality. Scripts can run automatically when sessions start and stop, and process recordings as they’re created. A whole new world of automation is possible with this ability to manipulate sessions.

Scripting isn’t just for power users, however. Even if you’re not fluent in JavaScript, you can streamline your use of Audio Hijack. The built-in scripts make automation possible for anyone, and on MacOS 12 (Monterey), Audio Hijack even integrates with the Shortcuts app.

Rogue Amoeba CEO/Lackey Paul Kafasis and I discussed Audio Hijack 4’s new scripting and automation support at length on the most recent episode of my podcast. There’s so much other new stuff, too. I just love Rogue Amoeba’s user interface design — it’s simultaneously Rogue-Amoeba-y and yet feels standard, very idiomatically “Mac-like”. When an app looks cool, it just makes you want to use it.

Monday, 18 April 2022