Apple Launches Self Service Repair Store

Stephen Hackett, writing at 512 Pixels:

In a paper published today, Apple addresses some FAQs about the program. It’s worth skimming.

The manuals needed for repairs are published on Apple’s support website but the Self Service Repair store can be found at I was expecting these parts to be sold on Apple’s website, but the company has decided to spin this secondary website up for purchasing parts and tools.

The site is decidedly different from Apple’s own. The design is basic and feels pretty cheap.

Not surprised at all that Apple farmed this part of the Self Service Repair Program out to a partner, but the website should look more legit. Or at least the website should feature a prominent link at the top to Apple’s own website to verify that it is legit.

I saw folks on Twitter bitching that the tools are rented but they put a hold on your credit card for their full value until they’re returned. That’s how renting expensive tools and equipment works.

Saturday, 30 April 2022