37signals Is Back

Jason Fried:

Calling our company Basecamp just doesn’t make a lot of sense when we make more than just Basecamp. We’re headed back to a different time — one where we invented more, created more, and carved new marks into tired markets. And with that, we need a new name.

Or, rather, an old one.

So let’s make it official. Today, May 3, 2022, we’re changing our minds and renaming our company again. This time, back to 37signals, our original name. We’ve always been that company, we just weren’t ourselves for a while. Now is new again.

And to christen the renaming of our company back to 37signals, we’ve relaunched a modern 37signals.com in the spirit of the original. We’ve always tried to lead with ideas, take principled stands, and remain allergic to conformity and corporate sterility. The new 37signals points our way, today.

Speaking of good names, “37signals” is a good name. Glad to see it back.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022