2022 Apple Design Awards

Happy to (once again) see a bunch of apps I either use regularly or am very familiar with win this year:

  • Halide Mark II, for “Visuals and Graphics”.
  • (Not Boring) Habits, from Andy Works, for “Delight and Fun”. They were finalists last year for (Not Boring) Weather.
  • Procreate, for “Inclusivity” (Procreate added some terrific features to help users with motor impairments draw smooth lines).
  • Slopes, Curtis Herbert’s app for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, for “Interaction”. Slopes, to me, epitomizes the philosophy of focusing on a niche and doing it as well as possible.

One sour taste from this year’s winners: not one of them is a Mac app.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022