My thanks to Sofa for sponsoring this week at DF. Sofa is a “productivity” app but it’s about being productive, and intentional, with your downtime. What do you do now when you hear about a new TV show, movie, book, or podcast you want to check out? You probably just throw it in your notes or to-do app with a zillion other types of things.

Instead, throw it in Sofa. Sofa lets you create lists of apps, video games, books, movies, shows, podcasts — even board games. Whatever you want to watch, read, listen to, or play for fun. Adding new items is a cinch — Sofa has a smart search feature that auto-completes what you’re typing. I’ve been using Sofa for a few weeks now and the habit has stuck.

Sofa is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple silicon Macs. It has a really nice native UI. You can use it for free and it’s useful; the paid Super Sofa subscription makes it even better. Good support, good documentation, and a clever focused idea done well. Check it out today — it’s good.

Saturday, 16 July 2022