The Design of Audio Hijack 4

Neale Van Fleet, writing for the Rogue Amoeba blog:

Audio Hijack 4 is a kinetic app, with subtle animations to aid in understanding. The tiles and wires move, meters bounce, and status icons pulsate to show when things are in action. I’m proud of all these animations, but there are two particular bits I want to call out.

First up are the amazing animations on the connecting wires. While the previous version’s wires could occasionally look somewhat soft, Audio Hijack 4’s wires are all drawn with vectors, so they’re super sharp. They’re also beautifully curved and feel incredibly snappy as you drag blocks around.

I do love these design breakdowns. I’ve noticed so many nice little details in Audio Hijack 4, but I learned a bunch more from reading this post. Just the way that nodes inside a session snap into place on the canvas — it makes Audio Hijack a pleasure to use.

Tuesday, 27 September 2022