Rolex’s First Titanium Watch

Blake Buettner, writing for Worn & Wound:

In a surprising move this morning Rolex, along with filmmaker/adventurer extraordinaire James Cameron, revealed a new Deepsea Challenge in the reference 126067. Rolex enthusiasts will immediately notice something new about that number, and that’s the 7 at the very end. That last digit denotes the case material, and until now a 7 has never been used. That’s because this watch represents the first commercially available Rolex crafted from titanium. That may be a first, but this really a reference that celebrates the past in a way rarely seen from the brand. That said, the most exciting details of this watch are what it might say about future releases.

The two most interesting new watches of the year, to me, are both exclusively made with titanium cases.

See Also: This video with James Cameron.

Tuesday, 1 November 2022