UI Browser’s Future

Bill Cheeseman:

UI Browser 3 reached its end of life and was retired on October 17, 2022. It can no longer be purchased. The last release of UI Browser, version 3.0.2, will not be updated, and support is no longer available. Owners of an existing license for UI Browser can continue to download the UI Browser 3.0.2 disk image from Late Night Software’s Freeware website. It will remain available for a limited time. [...]

UI Browser 4 is now available for development as a public GitHub open source project, and it is open for discussion on the UI Browser Discussion page of the Late Night Software Forum. It is written in Swift. As initially posted, it is only minimally functional and requires much more work to become useful. (While many of the code files refer to UI Browser 3, they are in fact all part of UI Browser 4. Although they display a copyright notice, Bill Cheeseman and PFiddlesoft hereby dedicate them to the public domain.)

You may recall my post from back in April, when Cheeseman first announced his and UI Browser’s retirement, singing UI Browser’s praises. UI Browser is truly an astonishing utility, and I’m hopeful it now has a future.

Tuesday, 1 November 2022