Twitter Suspends Accounts of Numerous Journalists, Presumably for Pissing off the Boss

Mike Isaac and Kate Conger, reporting for The New York Times:

Twitter suspended the accounts of roughly half a dozen prominent journalists on Thursday, the latest change by the social media service under its new owner, Elon Musk.

The accounts suspended included Ryan Mac of The New York Times; Drew Harwell of The Washington Post; Aaron Rupar, an independent journalist; Donie O’Sullivan of CNN; Matt Binder of Mashable; Tony Webster, an independent journalist; Micah Lee of The Intercept; and the political journalist Keith Olbermann. It was unclear what the suspensions had in common; each user’s Twitter page included a message that said it suspended account that “violated the Twitter rules.”

Apparently I’m a very slow learner on the “Elon Musk is an absolute shithead” front, but this purge is genuinely shocking to me. I was really in for the “more tweets, even from people you flat-out despise” idea.

Thursday, 15 December 2022