Donald Trump Teased a ‘Major Announcement’ That Turned Out to Be Just an NFT Scam

Molly White:

Trump supporters got all excited when Trump posted on social media to tease a “major announcement”. Was he going to run for speaker of the House? Return to Twitter? Unveil a presidential running mate?

His supporters were surprised — and not exactly thrilled — when the announcement turned out to be a collection of 45,000 NFTs (sorry, “digital trading cards”) featuring artwork of himself in heroic outfits and poses. The NFTs are “just” $99 apiece, and money goes to Trump, not his campaign.

Even some of his strongest supporters were nonplussed. Steve Bannon said, “I can’t do this anymore,” and opined that he should fire whoever advised him to make the collection.

The speaker of the House theory is based on the little-known fact that the Constitution does not require the speaker to be a sitting member of the House of Representatives. But, to date, every speaker has been. But Trump supporters got excited by his hyped “major announcement”, jumped the conclusion that he’d announce a bid to serve as speaker, and once speaker, would like shut down the whole federal government and lead impeachment hearings against, presumably, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and then, as speaker, he’d become president again. Or something like.

But instead, it was just an NFT scam for a collection of comic-book-style illustrations of Trump himself in various roles like superhero, astronaut, firefighter, cowboy, quarterback, etc. Imagine the Village People where everyone in the band is a slim, young, steroidally muscular Donald Trump. $99 a pop, and of course his idiot supporters bought them up.


Friday, 16 December 2022