New De-Banding Feature in Pixelmator Pro

From the Pixelmator blog:

Color banding (or posterization) is a common type of image artifact especially noticeable in low-quality photos featuring gradients or large areas of solid color. Instead of smoothly blending together, colors jump abruptly from one shade to the next, forming distinct bands of color. While posterization isn’t particularly difficult to get rid of — you can blur it out or add noise to hide it — it is very much a labor-intensive task. Or, it was. With the magic of machine learning, we’ve been able to turn color debanding into an effortless, one-click process. And the results are simply incredible!

On the surface this might not seem like a particularly impressive machine learning feature, but if you’ve ever tried fixing a banding problem like this, you know how cool this is.

Wednesday, 21 December 2022