Twitterrific: End of an Era

The Iconfactory:

But, as much as it pains us to say it, Twitterrific for iOS and macOS have now been removed from both App Stores. If you had a subscription on iOS, it will be automatically cancelled by the App Store.

Finally, if you were subscriber to Twitterrific for iOS, we would ask you to please consider not requesting a refund from Apple. The loss of ongoing, recurring revenue from Twitterrific is already going to hurt our business significantly, and any refunds will come directly out of our pockets — not Twitter’s and not Apple’s. To put it simply, thousands of refunds would be devastating to a small company like ours.

A shitty situation could get even shittier.

While this chapter may have ended, our story is not over. As long as we’re able, we’ll continue improving our other apps, creating new apps, doing amazing design work for our clients, and posting awesome wallpapers to Wallaroo and Patreon. Stick around!

For a very small company, The Iconfactory has an astonishing number of useful apps in active development. Tot is a great cross-platform text scratchpad, xScope is an indispensable screen inspector for designers, and Linea is my favorite drawing app for iPad. And when you’re done with work, Frenzic is one of the very first iPhone games, now back and better than ever as part of Apple Arcade.

Thursday, 19 January 2023