Bob Iger’s Letter to Disney Employees Accompanying Their Copies of ‘Make Something Wonderful’

Bob Iger, in a company-wide memo:

What makes it different is that it is a collection of Steve’s own words, drawn from his speeches, interviews, and correspondence. In these pages, we are offered a glimpse into his unique and wonderful mind. In a sense, this book is another tool from Steve — a resource for you, the reader, to spark the creativity that lives inside all of us and make your own mark on the world.

My link on this post is to a photo of the letter, via a little birdie at Disney — here’s the text of the letter, and my post on Mastodon.

Also, for everyone enjoying the book on the website, due to a regression in the latest version of Safari/WebKit, it works best in Chromium browser. (Example: the full-screen pages lock into place as you swipe.)

Wednesday, 12 April 2023