Print Editions of ‘Make Something Wonderful’ for Sale on eBay

Speaking of books, print copies of the Steve Jobs Archive’s Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in His Own Words — presumably copies given to folks at Apple and Disney — have hit eBay. Prices are really high — $500–1,000.

The website edition is a fantastic experience — thoughtfully designed, and implemented with handcrafted care — but I do wish the SJA had made the print edition available for retail purchase by the public. (I get it that the SJA doesn’t want to monetize this stuff, but they could sell these books and donate the proceeds to charities that Laurene Powell Jobs is involved with.)

I’ve lucked my way into a copy, and it’s as nice an object as you’d expect. Books can be such lovely artifacts in hand, tactile experiences, and this is one. The whole thing — web and print editions alike — is exemplary work from LoveFrom.

Friday, 14 April 2023