Play – Watch Later App for YouTube (and Other) Videos

Another deceptively simple, very well-crafted app I’ve been meaning to recommend: Play, a “watch later” app by Marcos Tanaka. Play is a great native app on iOS and Mac, and includes a Share sheet extension for adding new videos to your queue. You can categorize videos with tags, but that’s not necessary. What I really like is that Play is also a great app on Apple TV. I queue videos from my Mac and iPhone, then watch them later on my TV. I like this way better than using YouTube itself. One-time purchase of $3 gets you access to Play across all platforms. (That’s too cheap — I wish it cost more.)

For years I’d been using an app called Zinc for the same purpose, but I find myself using Play more than I ever used Zinc, because it has a Mac app, and Play’s Share sheet interface is better than Zinc’s bookmarklet. Play pulls in all sorts of metadata from YouTube automatically — it’s just great. (Zinc still works, if you have it installed, but it appears that the app is no longer available in the App Store.)

Monday, 17 April 2023