Four Takeaways From the Dominion v. Fox News Settlement

Great piece by Aaron Blake for The Washington Post that covers a lot of ground succinctly. This point stuck out to me:

Dominion says it’s not done, either, with lawyer Stephen Shackelford saying: “We’ve got some other people who have some accountability coming toward them. And we’ll move right on to the next one.”

Dominion is also suing MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who promoted the false election claims on Fox and elsewhere. (Lindell’s fate would also seem to matter greatly to Fox, given that documents in the Dominion case show Fox referring to him as the network’s top advertiser.)

Part of the way Fox News dug itself such a hole on this matter is that they were satisfying two demands at once: their audience wanted to hear these nonsensical lies about the election being rigged, and their top advertiser — Lindell — desperately wanted to come on the air to promulgate them.

See also: Elahe Izadi’s report for the Post on the one cable news channel that is reporting on this settlement very quietly. You’ll never guess which.

Wednesday, 19 April 2023