DF Sponsorship Openings

Speaking of weekly sponsorships, there’s only one opening left before the end of June: next week.

Weekly sponsorships have been the top source of revenue for Daring Fireball ever since I started selling them back in 2007. They’ve succeeded, I think, because they make everyone happy. There’s only one sponsor per week and the sponsors are always relevant to at least some sizable portion of the DF audience, so you, the reader, are never annoyed and hopefully often intrigued by them. And, from the sponsors’ perspective, they work. My favorite thing about them is how many sponsors return for subsequent weeks after seeing the results.

If you’ve got a product or service you think would be of interest to DF’s audience of people obsessed with high quality and good design, get in touch. If this quarter is a sign, the summer months will start filling up soon. And as I mentioned above, if you’ve got something to promote right now, next week is the opening left this quarter.

Saturday, 22 April 2023