The Twitter Blue Apocalypse Is Nigh

Climate scientist Peter Gleick:

Any tweet now with science, data, and facts about #climatechange is now swarmed by climate-denying trolls, bots, and idiots because science, data, and facts scare the hell out of them, and because Elon’s Twitter now promotes them. What a cesspool. Example:

I think there’s a line of thought that Elon Musk had months ago ruined Twitter, but the last few days have shown that it’s gotten far worse than ever before. The main buyers of Twitter Blue are, indeed, “trolls, bots, and idiots”, and Twitter is now hardwired to prioritize tweets and replies from those accounts.

The blue-check accounts now are just Catturd, people who want to be Catturd, and million-plus-follower users who sure as shit are not paying for their verification status.

Here’s a tweet from MIT’s official account that simply states a fact: “We did not subscribe to Twitter Blue.” Look at the replies. They’re all blue-check MAGA-hats.

Monday, 24 April 2023