Survey Results on Why Android Users Switch to iPhone

Michael Potuck, reporting for 9to5Mac on a survey of Android switchers conducted by CIRP:

The top reason was actually an issue with the Android experience. Over 53% of respondents said they moved to iPhone because of problems with their Android smartphone. Specifics cited were “their old phone did not serve them, because it was aging, needed repair, or had some deficiency that affected their user experience.” The second most common reason to switch was for new features on iPhone like “a better camera, enhanced accessory options, or a more intuitive user interface.” [...]

Finally, just 6% of those who switched from Android to iPhone said they made the move because of iMessage and FaceTime.

It’s easier, and more comfortable, for Google to argue that it’s all about the green bubbles. The hard truth is that iPhones and iOS are simply better overall.

Thursday, 1 June 2023