Vision Pro Displays Run at 90 Hz, and 96 Hz for 24 FPS Video

Umar Shakir, writing for The Verge:

Apple’s revealing that its new Vision Pro mixed reality headset is outfitted with displays that have a 90Hz refresh rate. The new detail comes in an online WWDC session for developers where Apple shares how 2D video and stereoscopic 3D video work in the headset. [...]

The Vision Pro screens can also automatically switch to 96Hz, which is designed for playback of videos that are running at 24 frames per second, like most movies. There’s also support for both standard and high dynamic range (HDR) content.

From what I experienced, I figured it had to be at least 90 Hz. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it goes all the way to 120 Hz when needed, like Apple’s ProMotion displays for iPhone 14 Pro models.

Tuesday, 13 June 2023