First Look at Early VisionOS Apps

Simon B. Støvring:

It’s amazing how much the appearance of a Vision Pro app changes depending on whether it’s built “Designed for iPad” against the iPadOS SDK or it is built as a proper Vision Pro app against the visionOS SDK.

I think “Designed for iPad” apps stand very little chance of becoming successful at launch. Users will expect apps that make heavy use of frosted glass and all the transitions that come with the visionOS SDK.

James Thomson:

This is PCalc running as a native Apple Vision Pro app (rather than running the existing iPadOS app as before).

Paul Hudson:

Once you have the visionOS SDK installed you can really see how the idea of light and dark mode just doesn’t make sense with Vision Pro — click the mountain icon in the bottom-right corner to try different environments, and also different times of day.

Exciting times ahead.

Wednesday, 21 June 2023