The App Store Turns 15

Phil Schiller, on Mastodon:

Happy 15th Birthday App Store 🎂

BasicAppleGuy had a fun idea for a thread: screenshots of the first apps you downloaded from the store. (In the App Store app, tap your account avatar, then tap “Purchased” to get a list of all apps you’ve downloaded. They’re listed in chronological order, so just scroll to the bottom.)

My first eight, in order: Super Monkey Ball, At Bat Lite, iTunes Remote, AIM, The New York Times, AP Mobile, To Do, Texas Hold’em.

See also: Craig Grannell:

I’m writing a piece on the App Store turning 15, and I couldn’t find a list of the original ~500 App Store apps and games from 11 July 2008, which I thought was strange. @jamesthomson, whose PCalc was there from the start, suggested we might be able to crowdsource this, for posterity and future research.

Monday, 10 July 2023