Threads Now Has a Chronological Timeline


The For you feed includes a mix of posts from profiles you follow and recommended accounts. Following shows you posts from profiles you’re following, starting with the most recent.

To switch from For you to Following, tap on the Threads icon at the top of your feed and swipe.

Threads launched strong and is steadily improving each week. (Tip: If you update to the new version and don’t see the new Following tab, force-quit the app and relaunch. That did the trick for me.) The one bummer: Threads will default back to the For You timeline when you re-launch the app. Not surprising, given that Instagram does the same. (To get to the Following timeline in Instagram, tap the Instagram logo of the Home tab; that presents a menu with options for “Following” and “Favorites”. This is fairly described as a “hidden feature” given that the Instagram logo doesn’t look like a drop-down menu until after you’ve tapped it, at which point they display downward chevron.)

The much-requested Threads web app is coming soon, apparently.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023